Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Job, New Beginning

Life really has it's own planning for you and it's quite surprising how life turns out.

Just a year ago, I was still complaining and grumbling about nasty bosses and now things made a big turn for me. I guess with the experiences that life has showered me so far, I began to have a clearer picture of the kind of ideal career that I must take and appreciate great working colleagues.

Finally I got myself myself a great ideal job and already I have made great plans to stay in this company for long. This is a world top 20 multi-national corporation and it is really coveted job for many - great benefits and rather generous salary. With such good payouts, no doubt they have the best person they can employ, which indirectly is giving me the recognition of my abilities.

On top of all these perks, you have great supportive colleagues who are more than willing to lend a helping hand. Everyone is so concern if you are coping well, though I do have some reserve over this - are they concern that I would not stay long as I can't cope?? Well that is too early to tell as I was like only 2 months old in this company. But generally speaking, the feeling given to me is very different from all the companies that I have worked with.

My boss is not easy to please and has high expectations & demands. In fact, too many colleagues have been overly zealous to make sure that I know this fact, which is good as I can make some mental preparation. Luckily so far so good, as most of the time he's travelling and I was told that he's been so far pleased with my work. Well at least I try my best to make sure that I'm useful and support him whenever possible with all the nitty-gritty administrative stuff.

Hope that I would be able to write the same in 4 months time when my contract is up for review before extension. Wish myself luck and hope that I can be more dilligent in my work in this new year 2010.