Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nomination for Worst Boss

What is most sickening than a boss who is petty, stingy, always picking on other's fault and mix up personal and work stuff?!

If there is ever any competition for the worst boss in the world, I would surely send in my entry of this particular director.

Crime scenes:-
1) How much does a water dispenser cost or a large tin of biscuits cost? In the name of cost saving, this little basic benefits has to be forfeited. But my question is how much can one save on this when the big boss flies on business class SQ airplane for 1-2 hours flight journey?

2) All managers out there, may I ask this question - would you let your subordinate to go ask for replacement of your spoilt automatic toothbrush, especially when you did not even bother to send out the warranty card? Would this be consider personal stuff or work related? Unless you are chairman, then probably your PA should do it... but a top management director asking his boss' PA to do this?

3) How embarrassing it would be for a top management director to be always late on credit cards payment and always asking for waiver of late charges and interest charged, till bank has to warn that it is the last waiver that they can give. Not to mention that this director is not without money to make payment in full.

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