Thursday, August 7, 2008

Singapore - No Human Rights???

Just a few days back, one of my friend sent me this email complaining and this is what is written:-

Of cos ppl give up citizenships here!! This is A FUCK UP PLACE TO LIVE IN!!! We have NO HUMAN RIGHTS!!!! Petrol UP cannot complain.. ANything increase in price you can only shut up and pay.. You strike they catch u saying you violate the law.. WTF??!!!

First of all, how do you define human rights? What is human rights? According to the wikipedia, human rights refers to the right to life and liberty, freedom of expression, equality before the law, right to participate in culture, the right to food, the right to work and the right to education.

So which area of rights and freedoms that what most people thinks that we lack is the freedom of expression. But compared to the other rights and freedoms, which is more important? What is human rights when one is not able to feed oneself and has to depend on government welfare to buy food?! Would you want to be hungry, jobless and sick, just to have the freedom to speak. So let's be more practical.

Secondly, Singapore is not the only country that is hit with rising cost, it is affecting worldwide. In any case, having strike is not helping the situation, with demostration from our neighbouring countries. Rather than protesting or speaking out about it, give more constructive solutions, if you can. If not, shut up and work hard.

Last but not least, I would like to say - if you want freedom of expression, please also be prepared to bear the consequences of it. With freedom of speech also comes the responsibilities. Dun just say say, stir up emotions and then walk away, doing nothing.

I am very proud to be a Singaporean and will never consider migrating. I hope that we can have many more years of happiness, properity & progress for our nation.

Happy Birthday, SINGAPORE!!!!

Singapore's Pledge
We, the citizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves as one united people
Regardless of race, language or religion
To build a democratic society
Based on justice and equality
So as to achieve happiness, prosperity & progress for our nation

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