Monday, September 22, 2008

Live Life Back to Basics

Can you live your life back to basics? Just to have the bare minimum in life.... I used to think that this will be very difficult, as we are so used to expensive food and buying new clothes every now and then. I had worked overseas before and earning substantial income, which allows me to eat and sleep in hotels every weekend in low living cost countries. Now I can just have a bowl of porridge with pickled vegetables or just a fried egg with soya sauce, this is good enough for me. I dun need to have fish and meat all the time. Nothing beats the joy of cooking at home and having your family enjoying the food.

Times has change, I have to learn to be more frugal with my spending and start saving to be able to raise kids comfortably. Somehow after my marriage, my mindset changes and I no longer have the drive to thrive in my workplace. I came to this revelation when I was under brutal verbal assault by a high-flying insurance director during the interview last Saturday.

Initially I felt hurt and angry at myself for not achieving the same as her (Ferrari for transportation, beautiful, sexy director with very heavy make-up and dressed in skin-hugging short skirt and high platform shoes) who earns over $150k in her first year in insurance agent career. It was really tempting and she made it sound so easy but deep down in my heart, I know this is not what I want.

I then realised that having a lot of money is no longer a must for me, it's good to have but as long as I have enough money to raise a family with happy kids, that's what I want in life. What is life if you need to be always be on call by your customers and putting up with their demands, that you are not able to spend times with your family and kids?

My life will be fulfilled when I know that my kids are going to be useful person in this society and able to contribute whatever they can. No matter how good the education systems is in Singapore, it still cannot replace the role of parents in the upbringing of the kids. Moral values are being taught at home and kids learn by examples since young. I want my kids to be able to respect elders and care for others.

Now all my attention is towards the family and working hard to have kids. We want as many kids as we can have.

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