Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's Wrong with Our Education System??

What has gone wrong with our education system? Why PM has to mention during the rally that Singaporeans dun clear their plates after they have finished eating? Is it the fault of the education system or maybe it's our culture and upbringing.

When I was in London a couples years back, you can see people clearing their trays after they have eaten at MacDonalds. But in Singapore, no, seldom or very rare you will see people clearing their trays. People are so used to having aunties and uncles there to clear the trays for them. They would even complain and unhappy if the tables are not being cleared soon enough.
I thought that at school, we usually have to clear our own plates or bowls after we have finished the food. Is this still being practised in school? Then why we can't bring this habits outside school?!
Just a few weeks ago, I was at this small prawn fishing outfit and I saw all these rubbish around the premises. No one bothers to do anything about it and just leave it as it is. Why can't they just throw them on the way out of the premises? Haiz..... :((

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