Thursday, October 2, 2008

SKorean actress found dead in apparent suicide

It's really creeping to think how depression can do to a person. And the worst thing is you won't know when it hits you. Saw this article online (see full story here) and recall an experience I had.

Though I have not consult a doctor on my condition, but I do suspect that I have suffered from depression once probably a few years ago back. Can't recall the exact time, maybe I just want to forget it. Anyway I had a really terrible time at work - had a nasty boss who is very stingy and picks on you. I really hated work and I can't sleep well, always feel like crying and even throwing temper around.

Luckily I have my boyfriend (now my husband) which keeps on counsel me and give me encouragement. I must say I'm lucky and I also learn to relax myself, always remind myself to not take work too seriously.

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