Sunday, November 2, 2008

Does not cost much to be kind

Is life really weighing us down that it has become very hard to be kind to surrounding people? I wonder why... on the practical sense, it dun cost much to be nice to people, sometimes just a "thank you" will do. I have a experience to share.

I was at the food centre and my table was full of bowls that were not cleared. So one of the cleaner came by and I requested him to clear. Obviously he dun seem to be in a good mood and seemed quite reluctant with the extra work. Nonetheless he still obliged and swiftly cleared up the table. As usual, I just thanked him for his work and he seemed surprised and stunned in a way. But it still do the magic and brought a smile on his face, while he said "You're welcome" before moving on to the next table. Afterwards I realised that he paid special attention to the cleanliness of my table and seemed eager to clear up the table for me.

Although there are times that people dun respond back, but it's okay, I am not expecting returns! I just hope that somehow people can be touched or feel better, while they move on happily, just like the movie "Pay it Forward" which is based on true story. I love it and it fits my life philosophy. Which is why I am very angry if I saw someone being treated badly. Share with you a incident which I overheard.

Again at food centre and again my table was full of bowls not clear but not for a long. A lady came by and cleaned the table swiftly. As usual, I said thank you again and she return the gesture. While waiting for my husband to brought me my food, I looked around, observing people. Then I saw that same lady speaking to her colleague as she was complaining how another table has treated her. This is what I overheard.

She said that as she was politely asking a man who sat at the table whether it was okay for her to clear off the bowls on the table. But the man just looked at her and not said anything. Then the child who was sat beside him, passed her the saucer plate to clear but the man said to the child, "Dun!! You dun have to be bother with her. Why talk to her?"

When I heard this, I really can't understand what has made this man so bitter and be so rude. I really pity the child, because his life may be affected in some way if he picks up the same attitude towards life and people.

No man is a island and it is day to day routine to be interacting with people. So why start off with a vicious cycle by being bad to others. By being kind to people, it is also being kind of ownself. Maybe I am selfish too, cos I want to live a life of happiness and dun want the burden of bitterness in my life, which is why I choose to be nice & kind to people. So what about you? Have you made your choice today?!

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