Sunday, November 23, 2008

Office Reality - Bad Superiors Everywhere

Through my past work experience, I gather that you will never run out of terrible superiors who makes your already difficult workplace a living hell. So you can't escape one for long.

My current starts well till my new job scope kicks in and I have to report to a superior who is not making life very easy for me. How professional is a manager if he/she makes damaging comments in front of your colleagues behind your back in a meeting? Not too professional I gather... haiz.... think I just have to live with it and deal with this manager's demand.

Luckily I have a trump card - our division boss, who is a good boss to work with and listens to his staff. So I think I will survive and I am not going to throw in my white towel soon. I will stick around longer that she is. I believe the sweetest revenge is to work happy, disregard his/her unreasonable demands and not let him/her gets their way.

Rather than to be sulky about it, fight back when necessary and be on the happy side. The more happy you are, the more upset they will be. One day they would just back off and leave you alone. The trick is strike back when necessary and strike where it really hurts. It works for me before and it will continue to work.

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