Thursday, April 16, 2009

Job Prospects

Just like to ask this question. What would you do if you know that your progression in the company is limited, your pay increment is equal to zero due to bad business, your bonus nowhere to be found and your job is fire-fighting every day? Would most people decide to leave, just like what I have felt a few weeks ago? Or you stick around? Not that I have decided not to leave, just that I have not made the decision to leave yet.

Honestly speaking, I am really very very tired of going for interviews again, having to explain to people why you decide to leave, which you can't voice straight that you do not like the company, full-stop. You can't say that, because that will make you looks bad and they would be scared that you can't stay long with a company.

Many times I also wonder why I can't stay long with company. Is it really my problem? I wonder what is the problem. So many questions and no answer, and the thing is you do not know where to find the answer. Haiz :(

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