Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Miss Taipei....

Oh I really miss Taipei and the good food there. Not to forget my adorable friends in Taiwan. I stayed and worked in Taipei in year 2001 for about 2 years. I miss the neighbourhood that I have stayed in - Min Sheng East Road in Taipei City and Jing Ping Road in Taipei Hsien.

Min Sheng East Road was quite a quiet place, which I was told quite a high class area. I remembered that I used to go downstairs to nearby shops to get my dinner like braised food (卤味), dumplings with corn soup or sweet & sour soup and sometimes barbequed corn or potatoes which are sold on lorry. The corn was being barbequed with special spicy sweet sauce, which was really really nice. Even till now, every time I think of it, my saliva stills waters.

Then further down the road, there are many 24 hours cafe, which have delicious cakes or sandwiches and of course great coffee. I used to meet my Taiwanese friends there for chit chat till past midnight. Even the cakes in the cake shop were different and they come in bite size with beautiful package, suitable to give out as gifts.

There are also small shops (not yet restaurant, more like a eatery place) which sold local cuisine, which is very different from any eatery shop there is in Singapore. I remembered this shop that sells very nice noodles with Shark meat and bamboo shoot in mayonnaise as side dishes. It is just heavenly delicious. If the place did not change a lot, I can still roughly remember it's location.

Taiwanese porridge reminds me of the local Teochew porridge, but they would add in sweet potatoes and the sides dishes are just fantastic. If you travel to Taiwan, you must never miss out their Mee Suan, be it the oyster flavoured or the pig intestines one. Not to forget there is also Cuttlefish Mee Suan. If you are adventurous enough, do try out their stinky tofu.

The steamboat there is also fantastic. I guess it must be their water, cos everything just taste so delicious. When I knew that I was coming back to Singapore, I simply had to have steamboat for dinner every day, cos I would not be able to taste the same in Singapore.

Even the deep fried pork chop or chicken chop, all taste so good. I can just go on and on. There are still more items that I can carry one saying but I can't go on, cos my mouth just can't stop watering and I need to find some food to tame my taste bud.

Anyway you just have to travel there and experience for yourself. So all food lovers out there, dun wait liao... plan for a trip to Taiwan and you will know.

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