Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why Ladies Night? Asked My Cute handsome Colleague

LOL!! Imagine a young handsome colleague of mine asking me why there is only Ladies Night and not Men's Night at pub or karaoke. Who would have thought that a young chap like him would not have known the answer and guess what - he's not yet 30 and already has 3 children. So I guess he did not have much chance to go to pub or karaoke to enjoy and have fun.

Well actually I am also not so sure if I have the right answer but it does sure sound logic to me. The very reason of having Ladies Night is to attract pretty girls to attend the pub or disco, so that they can draw in crowds of guys, hunger to put their hands on the pretty ladies. So if anyone knows the right answer, please please tell me that I'm right... hahaha!!!

Anyway my colleagues and I will having a great time this coming Thursday, singing our souls out at the karaoke. Hopefully, I will have more things to write on my blog after the event.... So cheers, have a great weekend.

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Collin Yeo said...

Its quite obvious isn't it? Just tell him men are more "hungry" than women. lol