Friday, August 22, 2008

Jamaican with the gene for fastest runner in the world??

A research has been done on the Jamaican, who has won both the women's and men's 100m race in Beijing Olympics 2008, making them the country with the fastest runners in the world. The secret to their success is.....
The answer is Actinen A, according to a joint study by the University of Glasgow and the University of the West Indies (UWI). Over the years, researchers tested over 200 Jamaican athletes, and found that 70 per cent of them have Actinen A in their fast-twitch muscle fibres, those which help men like Asafa Powell or Usain Bolt run like lightning. "This compared to only 30 per cent in an Australian group that is being tested," said Professor Errol Morrison, president of Jamaica's University of Technology (UTech). "There will be many potential Asafa Powells, Sherone Simpsons and Sherikas (Williams), because the genetic predisposition is there," Morrison added.

More gold medalists from Jamaica in track event? I can't wait to see how fast they can run.

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