Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Gold Medalist wins prizes to pay debts for Dad

Read this article on Lianhe Wanbao about the Women's 49kg (108 pounds) Tae Kwon Do weight class winner - China's Wu Jingyu, who has a very sad story behind her.

Wu has won various medals in international competition but under this glorious scene, she has to bear the responsbilities for the livelihood of her family - Her granny is not in good health, she has a elder sister who is studying in university, father owes huge debts due to his failed business venture and her mother has to work as hard labour, earning small amount of money.

She knew that in order to provide better for her family, she had to succeed in Tae Kwon Do as the prize money won from each competition would go a long way to her family. So she trained hard. On the first gold medal she won, she got 50,000 dollars and immediately she called her mum to say that she has won money for her sister's university school fees. The next day, she cheekily teased her mother: "50,000 dollar is very heavy, can you carry it? Mother, please do not work anymore, I will raise the money for the family.

I really respected her for her determination and for her filial piety. I wondered the new generation would be able to handle such hardship and would raise money for the family? I remember reading a article quite some time ago, that interviews young people around their 30s, still asking their parents for money even when they have their own income. I really think there must be something wrong with their upbringing.

Not that I expect my kids to raise me when I'm old, but at least I dun expect them to take money from me and still proud to be interview with photos taken. What has the world come to....

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