Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My resignation

My company HR spoke to me privately before lunch and asked if I have found a job before tendering my resignation. I just smiled and not replied anything. But deep in my heart, I felt like replying angrily to her that even if I dun have a job, I also dun want to work in this company anymore. It has all possible combination of bad elements of the worst employer in the world... (LOL!! This is the best comment that I can have for this company.)

She followed on to ask that she hopes my resignation is not a rash decision and I replied flatly that I have long consider this options for many months.

If only this company has exit interviews, otherwise I would have given the most nasty remarks. In the past, I would have never consider to give bad review during exit interview and this is the company that I dun mind doing it. Anyway there is no chance to do so, cos this company dun have exit interview. Maybe they know that they will have very bad comments which they refused to heed and can't be bothered with.


Bernard said...

It's not worth it to end the connection on a bad note. You will still need them in the future, such as asking for a reference or a referee for future employment check.

Always always maintain an amicable relationship. Its for your own good in the future.

LoverPearl said...

Hi Bernard, thanks for the advice. Which is why I withhold my comments in front of the HR.