Wednesday, August 27, 2008

S$1,000,000 How would you use it?

If you have S$1,000,000, how would you use it? Actually this is not alot of money also, if anyhow spend, can use up in very short time. Saw a article not too long ago about this man who has striked TOTO first prize of half a million dollars, which he spent all within 6 months. At least he paid off all mortgages for his HDB flats and had some great time.

What about you? How would you spend it? I have asked myself many times, hoping that this will help me to gather more positive energies that can allow me to really own 1 million dollars. LOL!!! I must have seen too much times the motivitional videos "The Secrets".

Anyway I have it all planned out and in the meanwhile picking up the skills to invest that can help me to prolong the life time of these 1 million dollars in my bank account.

Cheers!!! Good luck to every one but dun fight with me for this coming Thursday TOTO first prize ya.....


Saga said...

buy mote toto, then can strike more

Wealth Journey said...

if you have $1mil, you should invest it.
The investment could be shares, unit trust, property, business. Anything that can generate passive income for you.

But please... do your homework. Sometimes, when an investment sounds too good to be true, it most probably has some catch to it!