Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Office Politics - Petty Boss

Never trust your superior who ask you not to write down in b&w what has been transpired cos he is not up to any good. This comes from my personal experience, which happened just recently.

Just a few weeks back, my superior tells me that I should report to him verbally and not bother to send in email cos he has not time for the email. I thought since he gave such instruction, I just followed lor...

But yesterday, some problem cropped up as some goods that we intended to import in was being held up at the customs due to lack of some import certificates. I was being held in charge to transmit the information to our trading counterparts from overseas of the requirement of import certificate before sending the goods over, which I completed as required and even report verbally to my superior.

So when the problem crops up, naturally all fingers are pointed at me. As there is no b&w and my superior does not say anything, naturally all mistake seems to be made by me. Luckily I have a colleague, who is there when I have completed the task, spoke up for me. Otherwise I dun know how bad this will looks on me.

No wonder none of the other colleagues likes this superior who likes to think oneself as the right hand person of the boss and never hesitate to step down on others when the chances arises. Our previous CEO left due to this superior.

Work life is already tough liao... still have to work under such person (i.e. if I may, I would rather not refer that superior as person, instead as a animal who has no kind feelings, only hunger for power).... Life is too short to be bothered by such person. So I will forgive but I will not forget and take this as a learning experience.

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