Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Types of Boss you should never work for

Gathering from my work experiences as well as exchange of ideas with fellow colleagues & friends, the following are just some characteristics of bosses that one should avoid.

1) Boss who does not plan - can you imagine what kind of repercussions that this can have on the department or the company, depending on how significant his position is? If there is no planning, there is no sense of direction and hence how to do work with. Some subordinates will love this kind of bosses, cos dun have to think much lor... just follow instructions lah, cos you won't know next steps what he wants to do.

2) Boss who is insecured - meaning that he has low self-esteem and low self confidence. If he is just a middle or top management level manager, then he would definitely makes things difficult for you if you unintentionally makes him feels in-adequate. He would also bad-mouth you in front of higher management people, so that you won't be in the good book of the big boss.

If he's the owner of the company, then good luck to you. He would make unrealistic demands and if you can't accomplish it, he would verbally insult your intelligence just to make himself looks better.

3) Boss who is petty - this kind of people will always remember you for stepping onto his foot and make you pays in many ways, even if you have leave the company for many years.

4) Boss who claims all credits - even if the tasks are not done by him, he would claim all credits whenever possible, and some case also involves pushing blame on others. I had this boss (i.e. owner of the company) who will make all decisions on investment and override decisions by the HOD and when there is problems arose, he would question the HOD for not doing the right decision. Usually this kind of people is also very insecured with low self-confidence.

The above lists are not exhaustive but the tip of iceberg. To be continued.....

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