Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chinese action star Li wants to nurture spirit of philanthropy

SINGAPORE (AFP) - - Chinese action star Jet Li said Wednesday he wants to cultivate the spirit of philanthropy among Asians and has taken this year off from making movies to focus on his One Foundation charity.

"I don't need to wait till I am retired to help the world," the Beijing-born actor said at the Forbes Global CEO Conference, an international gathering of top corporate executives here.

"I need to give back."

Li founded One Foundation in 2007, which at the moment is focused mainly on aiding charitable causes in China. Li said he plans to eventually set up branches in the rest of Asia.

The foundation has raised about 100 million yuan (14.6 million dollars) to help with rebuilding efforts following the devastating earthquake in China's Sichuan province in May, Li said.

"In China right now, (the) younger generation -- their lives (are) very comfortable," said Li.

"They only open their hands, ask... everybody gives them but I want to share the belief, 'please you need to give a little bit back'," he said, adding "even one yuan you can share your love."

Li is one of Asia's most popular action stars, dazzling fans with his martial arts skills in several box office hits.

No wonder I idolises him when I was young, cos he's so cute, strong and kind-hearted. ;p

No lah... I just love his actions. I used to learn marital art for a short period of time and that is when I'm really crazy over marital art. Talking about marital art, last night I read about a news that some people are accusing of Vincent Wong (翁青海)bluff about his credential in marital art. Well anyway, who cares about his past, as long as he can teach now and teach well. Haiz... is he trying to publicise for his marital art school??

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