Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shame or Pride??

LOL!! I just can't stop laughing when I saw this article from RECRUIT in THE STRAITS TIMES (I dun know which date but I will paste a picture of it, hopefully you can read the article too). I got this from a colleague who like me is going to leave this company.

As I read the article, I can't help but laughed and nodded my head in agreement at the familiarity of the example of SHAME MANAGEMENT with my current company. Luckily I decided to leave for greener pasture... LOL!!!

The article listed 5 areas to cultivate pride-based management, which is the better management that will help to boost the company performance. But this company has done the opposite of it.

1) If you don't trust your people, they don't trust you.
My example is very much linked to the second point, so I will elaborate below.

2) Never give responsbilities without authority.
I can't agree more with what the article says and it is precisely the case with this company that they are not able to give the staff the authority to make decision. Even like the purchase of fruit trees and plants also has to be finalised by the bosses. My colleague has been questioned over the expenditure made and the S$2,000 in excess (which they decide is uncalled for) has to be compensated by my colleague. If this is the case, who would want to make any decision.

I believe they do this to make the staff to enquire them on all decisions and in turn make themselves feel important that the staff can not do without them... :(

3) You get the behaviour you reward.
Needless to say those who always seeked their opinion on all matters would be rewarded with friendlier treatment and obtain protection even when they have made a mistake. Nonetheless, that colleague of mine also left the company, cos he made such a big mistake that he's scared to stay on, before the matter got blowed up.

4) Delegate outcomes, not methods.
Haiz.... This company also commit this same mistake. They only want things to be done the way that they are familiar with and not the professional way. They are not willing to engage professionals to conduct market research or to do due diligence, everything is based on what the bosses gather from their friends (who may not be in the same business or know much of the business) and their intended partners.

5) The job of the manager is to create the right motivational climate.
Well they are extremely good with the use of threats or fear and they dun give out incentives.

So in conclusion, I seriously dun think this company will go far, at least I dun think it would grow any bigger and they will be lucky if they still stay afloat. Many of my colleagues echoed the same.

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