Friday, September 12, 2008

What is the fun of Chalet??

What do you do in chalet, especially the Singaporean style? For me, it's mahjong and BBQ. Every time I think of staying in chalet, all I can think of is mahjong and BBQ. Although I play mahjong every week but the thought of playing overnight at the chalet just brighten up my day. I guess I just love to have the whole family together and have fun.

I think the fact that organising a BBQ is quite a hell of work, I especially love to have BBQ during chalet time. If not, it would be so boring to just have buffet or take-away food. Just imagine everyone having fun while setting up the fire and preparing the food.

Just that we dun have the nature feel to it, cos you get to see buildings or if in East Coast, you see the ships from afar. What to do? Just make do with what we have lah....

I'm going to have great fun tonight. See ya... have a wonderful weekend.

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