Friday, December 12, 2008

Bitching about work

What is worst - having a job which works the hell out of you or without a job at all at this difficult time?? Tough call, right?? Same here.

I just landed this job a couple of months ago and I was being briefed that I have to double up two role for the salary of one, telling me that it's a breeze. But since I'm familiar with both role and being confident that I can handle both roles with ease, I took up the job. Honestly, I needed the job also, having been jobless for a month and debts to repay. Besides the workplace is near to my home and there is company transport almost from my door-step.

On hindsight, I should not have believe them on just their words. I dunno is it due to my bad luck or bad decision, this job is much more difficult that I have thought it to be. Maybe I was having such a good relaxing time in my ex-company that I was not able to adapt to this new environment. Maybe this is an MNC while my ex-company is a local small establishment (although public listed but then again it is not run as a public listed company).

In any case, dealing with colleagues and superiors in such big MNCs are kind of tricky and you have to be well-versed with the chinese kungfu - TAI JI. Otherwise you will be taking over new tasks which should not have happened in the first place. But being new to the company, one is usually vulnerable to getting new tasks, which happens to me. So the previous secretary is merely doing half of what I am doing now. Sob... sob... sob....

But there is also perk... just enjoy 2 year end lunch sponsored by company, which is about it, nothing else. Well time to work now... ciao, bye, sayonara... till the next time I write, see ya....

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