Monday, February 23, 2009

No more bitching about work again

At first this will seem like impossible, at least that's what I'm feeling at first. However after having a look around you, it's really time to count your blessings that you are still gainfully employed.

Many times we tend to overlook the fact that we should be grateful that we are at work. First of all, you are alive to be able to go to work. If you are dead, you won't have to work. I know you will think that I'm writing rubbish here, but think again, isn't it great to be alive. There is still many things in life which you have not experience - be it happy, sad, bitter, sweet, etc... This is life.

Secondly, to be working, means that you have money to bring to the table. Not everyone who wants to work is able to get a job.

So start counting your blessings now, well I should start counting my blessings...

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