Monday, October 20, 2008

Get Paid & Not Working???

Is it really a bliss to have nothing to do at work? I bet many of you will be glad to be paid for not doing much. Hey I won't mind if I get to do things like surfing internet or watching some online movies. But nope, one usually dun have this luxury unless you are Paris Hilton - heiress to great fortune in family business. Usually one have to have their work performance appraised by their superiors. So to not to do anything is really not a wise thing to do.

Therefore what do you do? You try to make yourself look busy, by walking here and there, poking your nose into colleagues cubicles or instead of calling, you just drop by to your colleagues cubicles only to find them not around. Or you have to busy typing away on god knows what, which is exactly what I am doing now and yes I am really bored to death with not much work to do.

Maybe I am still in honeymoon period, where my workload will slowly catch up. So I guess I have to savour this while it is still available. But nonetheless I still have to make myself busy, otherwise I would have doze off in front of my desktop now. Opps… I just dozed off. I can't believe myself dozing off like this.

I sure hope that tomorrow will be a busier day. Ciao…. back to pretending to have lots of work to do.

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